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About me

I’m Bram Smulders, a Front-end UI developer from the Netherlands. With a strong focus on accessibility & progressive enhancement I wire up HTML, CSS and JavaScript into rich online experiences.

I’ve started contributing to the web around 2007 and worked with many different companies. These include agencies like iO, E-sites, Freshheads and clients like Eneco, Government of the Netherlands, KNVB, Signify & Dunea.

I maintain some repositories on GitHub and I’ve created Supple Kit. It is a collection of tools that enable speedy, accessible, and powerful web development.

Currently, I’m working as a freelance front-end UI developer at the Government of the Netherlands.

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I hold myself to high standards in:

  • Designing and creating websites.
  • Semantic HTML.
  • Modern, lightweight, and scalable CSS (incl. Sass).
  • Vanilla JavaScript (including frameworks like Astro, React, Vue, & Svelte).
  • Accessible code
  • Responsive design
  • Build tools like Vite, Gulp & NPM.
  • Test suites like Vitest, Jest, BrowserStack & Cypress.
  • Styleguide Driven Development (using tools like Storybook, Astro Starlight & Pattern Lab)
  • Progressive Web Apps (PWA)
  • Build tools like Webpack, Gulp, NPM scripts
  • Methods like Scrum, Jira, TargetProcess, Trello, git, style- and JavaScript linters and other tools.

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Learn more about the work I do, the tools I use or hire me.

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